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Name: Coco
Contact Info: frigentem [at] gmail [dot] com ; [plurk.com profile] lilligant
Other Characters Played: clover ; 999 ([personal profile] fourtune), kairi ; kingdom hearts ([personal profile] lightside)
Preferred Apartment: n/a

Character Name: Kate Ashley
Canon: Red Garden
Canon Point: Where in the series are you taking them from?
Background/History: A link to a source about the canon is fine for this.
Kate is wealthy.

Giving off an air of sophistication, both in the way she presents herself and her mannerisms, fellow members of her prestigious private high school would describe her as "affluent", or "elegant", but also "restrained" and "sullen". A straight A student and member of the school's girls only school council, Grace. Kate is a young girl who carries a sufficient amount of stress, the like of which would crush any adult, let alone a teenaged girl.

Abilities/Powers: Kate is an Animus, meaning she is living an Assumed Life. Kate is dead, living in an artificial body. She has heightened strength and agility, and are able to recover from wounds very quickly. If they are hurt enough at once, though, they can still die; they will simply fade to ash. Otherwise they are, for all intents and purposes, immortal.
Items/Weapons: can I just bring my three favorite icons of hers
Sample Entry: At least ten sentences in first person, please. A link to a previous post or thread with the character is also acceptable.
Sample Entry Two: A third person sample of at least two paragraphs.
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